Things to never forget.

  • Flighty: I can't possibly imagine how you don't see me as weak, I really can't.
  • Raikou: You didn't use to be.
  • Raikou: Which was why I was attracted to you.
  • Raikou: Anyone you didn't need, you told to fuck off.
  • Raikou: And funny as hell too.
  • Raikou: You grabbed the world by the ass.
  • Raikou: And wanted for nothing.
  • Flighty: Maybe I just hid it better, cause I've always wanted shit, and I've needed people to get shit. Like fuckin
  • Flighty: Damian for creddies.
  • Flighty: Grabbing the world by the ass sounds remarkably unlike me also, but Idk woman.
  • Raikou: As I said before.
  • Raikou: Not you now.
  • Flighty: I know not me now, but I don't ever remember being like that.
  • Raikou: And thats so sad.
  • -Many words later-
  • Flighty: Just tired of being alone. I want to be happily married, so I can have a 50th anniversary without being too old and decrepet..
  • Raikou: o.0
  • Raikou: You werent alone.
  • Raikou: You were with Ryan.
  • Raikou: Yer never alone.
  • Raikou: And you don't have to get married so young.
  • Raikou: Why, are you rushing things.
  • Raikou: Yer so young.
  • Flighty: Pardon me, I'll just stop giving a shit about my little dream and have a normal one like, getting a fucking job, going to college and getting a degree. Stupid me.
  • Raikou: Well living in the real world and having a life is preferred.
  • Flighty: Mmhm

Love this!


one of my all time faveeeeee fairly legal Ben/Kate moments <3


one of my all time faveeeeee fairly legal Ben/Kate moments <3


  • friend: i miss my boyfriend
  • me: so do i
  • friend: he calls me princess
  • me: he calls me fan
  • me: sometimes fans like plural
  • me: so he'll be like "I love my fans!" and I'm like I love you too boo.
  • friend:

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